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    A better way to invest your money

    Our investment philosophy is simple and may be quite different from the investment approaches you have experienced in the past.

    We believe that investment decisions should be guided by the wealth of academic and empirical evidence available to us. It provides a number of clear pointers to where we should focus our energies to deliver our clients with a successful investment experience.

    A philosophy based on sound evidence and theory.

    Our approach is driven by what the empirical evidence and investment theory tells us we should be doing. We hold a number of enduring convictions that form the basis of our investment philosophy, which, in turn, guide the decisions we make on behalf of our clients

    We define a successful experience as one where our clients can sleep soundly at night, have a strong chance of achieving their future lifestyle goals, and both understand and believe in the investment journey they are taking.

    Our beliefs

    We base our philosophy on a number of core beliefs and principles:

    Belief 1

    Capitalism and markets work effectively

    Belief 2

    Risk and reward go hand in hand

    Belief 3

    Diversification is a useful tool

    Our principles

    Principle 1

    Focus on the structuring of a client’s portfolio

    Principle 2

    Manage costs effectively

    Principle 3

    Manage risk

    We spend considerable time understanding what makes sense for our clients and building them well-structured portfolios that we have every confidence in and they do too.